is a London based Online Hotel Booking website. The site facilitates the hotel room reservation in the UK for a day visit. You can book a hotel in London and surrounding area with the help of the site. It is ideal for people who visit the UK for business meetings and or short tour and often need accommodation for a shorter period – usually few hours.

Client Requirements

Client needed a simple and easy to use application that will feature professional design, soothing colors and facilitate the easy navigation for the users. The site needed to keep the record of the hotel room availability and hence a powerful control panel was needed for the admin to manage the room bookings, room availability, check-ins and check-outs and communication.

What wExcelle has done for Hotel9To5?

After studying the scope of the project our design team came up with a layout that fits the expectations of the client. The site is meant for primarily business people hence the look of the site needed to be corporate style. The color theme was chosen accordingly. Once the design was approved, our development team prepared the skeleton of the site in wire frame to finalise the flow of the site.

The actual coding started after the requirements were freezed.

Front end of the site was coded using HTML5 and CSS3 in a Bootstrap 3.0 CSS framework. The site is made mobile friendly and responsive. It loads much faster on both mobiles and desktops.

Backend of the website is powered by Laravel Framework. The site is tested for the issues – both UI and development bugs and handed over to the client for operations.

Technology Used

  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.0
  • PHP Laravel Framework

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