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An Aspiring Writer, Nature Lover, People friendly person - I am Harmeet Kaur Lamba. Born from a teacher’s womb, I am, innately a Lecturer for English Literature and Psychology, in the making. Along with my PhD preparations, I have always treasured a special corner for reading the works of Keats, Blake and Sigmund Freud. I have kindled the fire and an absolute passion for reading books & writing articles and poetry. Gifted by nature with a sweet voice, I have polished it with training in Hindustani Classical Music. An ever increasing curiosity to dive deep in the Human Psyche, and learn about human emotions thrives in me. I relish writing on life experiences, lessons learnt, meeting different people and human sentiments. Through my work, I hope to inspire & ignite the spirits of my readers, for living Life to the fullest...

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6 Crucial & Life Long Useful Lessons Your 1st Job Teaches you....

Writing is something that has always come naturally to me. Having a flair with words and curiosity in the human psyche coupled with a modern & thoughtful outlook and the sheer love of listening life experiences of people around me, has urged me to write about human sentiments, emotions, experiences and thoughts. I am an eternal learner myself, and so this article is my modest effort to pen down some teachings from my first job.

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