May 2016

6 Crucial & Life Long Useful Lessons Your 1st Job Teaches You…

written by Harmeet Kaur Lamba
6 Crucial & Life Long Useful Lessons Your 1st Job Teaches you....

So after all the running around that you have done, meeting numerous HR Department heads and consultants facing some gruelling, some weird and well…some enriching and learning experiences of Personal Interviews, you finally get your hands on the FIRST JOB OF YOUR LIFE!

The feeling of going to your workplace for the first time gives you a mixed bag of emotions. Queries like “What will I do? Will I have a fancy cubicle? What kind of people am I going to encounter? Will I learn something new?” begin to tax your brain. Suddenly, life takes a turn and you are filled with a heavy load of adrenaline that takes your brain on a frenzy ride!

Relax! Observe and treasure the 6 absolutely essential lessons and just go with the flow!

1. Confidence is Crucial

Whether it is about maintaining eye contact with your boss, having initial ice breaker conversations with your colleagues, the way you walk and carry yourself or for that matter even a single handshake. Do your confidence preparation, by dressing appropriately in neat, well-fitted and crease-free clothes. A good Dress sense is the first impression that impacts people. Behave in an apt way and be well spoken. Do not hesitate to use a “Sorry” & “Thank You”. Mannerisms are instant confidence boosters. Confidence counts high! Timely moderations in your demeanour should be there on your checklist always. Stand tall and walk confidently.

2. Eternal Learner

Your first job is the place where your vulnerability levels are the highest. Be prepared to experience pitfalls, because it is your first exposure to the external world. Undoubtedly, when you get hit the hardest, you become the strongest. Make mistakes, but most importantly, learn from them. Your Boss is on that “Big Fat Chair” there for a reason, clearly, because he has a storehouse of lessons & experiences that you are still unaware of. Be a sponge, ready to learn and absorb all the happenings around you. Change and adapt as and when needed. Never say never, when it comes to learning.

3. Play the “Double Role”

Let’s not beat around the bush. It’s fairly simple. Do not carry home to work and work to home either. Personal life should not enter the doors of the Professional world. All you get as the end result is a mess! Of course, you can be exceptionally fortunate and have a genuinely understanding boss, with whom you can open up in a friendly manner, till a limit, but even then try to keep both the worlds separate. Live the Dual Mode Life and forget the happenings of the home when entering office and Vice- versa. Although a difficult task to do, make consistent and conscious efforts to implement this fact, in real life.

4. Listen

As small the word may look and as simple it may sound to your senses, Developing the trait of being a heeding ear, requires the most difficult of all emotions i.e patience. Being a good listener, portrays the calm and attentive side of you that is pretty appealing to everyone at work. Whether it is boss assigning you tasks or opinions of fellow colleagues during formal meetings and casual banter. Listen, and then put your opinion forward. An add- on of listening, is that it shows you intend to leave no loopholes for miscommunications, thereby leading to cordial inter-team relationships.

5. Watch the “Watch”

Value time and time will value you back. Punctuality is one of the key pointers that you just cannot afford to miss out on! Whether it is reaching at work on time or marking the deadline section with a green color tick of Completion or timely submissions of tasks, files, presentation. The dreaded pile of backlog work, once created, ceases to end, if you do not care enough to keep a strict vigil on Time. Brush up your time management skills, and strive to perform faster, maintaining the same rate. Work hard but work smart too! Learn techniques and shortcuts, that get your work done faster, leaving you with miniscule scope for errors.

6. Financial Independence

Nothing beats the joy of receiving a text notification, which talks about the incoming of your salary in your account. Your initial reaction is the sense of pride, which in return gives rise to the feeling of self sustenance. Nothing can match the super excitement of receiving a well deserved amount and hard earned money. But along with financial independence, learn the value of budgeting. Learn to save and enjoy on a budget. Prioritize your needs. Save first and always enjoy responsibly, later. Neither be a miser nor a spendthrift.

So friends, if you feel kind of intimidated, and apprehensions of all sorts begin to create a mental ambiguity for you, do not fret. It is all natural to happen! All of a sudden you become answerable and responsible for the decisions you take. You begin to feel in charge of quite a lot of things in your life, which you were either avoiding or procrastinating all this time come in your face. Don’t worry! Having cold feet is totally fine. They are nothing but the “1st Job jitters”!

There is a strange but good feeling of being responsible that shoots your morale and your self confidence goes north! The time to finally hone your decision making skills, keeping in mind to have a practical outlook, is finally here! Get set, for this new experience as it is guaranteed to bring out all the colors of your personality upfront, to the world and to you!

Keep these Super 6 Pointers in mind all your life that will definitely prove to be super useful to you, in the times to come. Forge ahead without inhibitions.

Because your first Job is an unforgettably transforming journey, and not to forget…… a baby step towards the massive success you dream of…

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