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We Create Creative Marketing Videos That Tell Your Story

It is said that image speaks thousand words. We say that a Video speaks millions.

Videos convey the content in audio visual format and make sure that your message impact fully reaches to your audience. Videos are integral part of any comprehensive online marketing campaigns. You can create variety of content in video format – be it a customer testimonial, product review, intro to your product or services, about us video for your company or an outdoor venture video.

Why Use Videos in Marketing campaigns?

Videos not only increase audience engagement but also help driving traffic to your site. If you include a video in a webpage then its probability of ranking higher in search results increases by almost 50%. Google and other search engines have started including videos in their organic results hence giving you more opportunity to get maximum visibility.

Increased User Engagement Leads to Better Conversion Rate

If the user stays more on a page consuming your content in the audio visual format, the probability of conversion increases. This leads to a user getting converted in to a buyer.

Built Loyalty For Your Brand

Users connect with your brand if they are fed with the adequate information they need to know about you – via Video introduction, testimonial or product review. Consumers buy from a brand only they know and trust. Video plays an important role in bringing your audience close to your brand.

How wExcelle Can Help?

We are experts in creating video content. We have been creating awesome informative videos and marketing them on internet for our clients. Our in-depth knowledge of leading video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Vine, etc. makes us one of the finest Video creators in the industry.

Salient Features of Our Video Marketing Services

  • We create short videos for our clients using professional tools.
  • We create intro video, testimonial videos, product review videos and informative videos for our clients.
  • We market the video on every possible social media channel.
  • You get more traffic with our engaging and creative videos.
  • Get more leads, sales and increase conversion.
Reach us for a quote with your requirements and we would be delighted to assist you with any query you have. We are quick to respond and will definitely get back in touch with you within 6 to 12 hours post your contact.

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