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Increase Conversion Rate With Our Email Marketing Services

Email marketing, is one of the most effective result yielding and fundamental form of advertising.

Any business, interested in getting the word out about itself, would first and foremost resort to the option of List Building and Email Marketing.

With the advent of Social Media, there is a common misconception quite prevalent amongst us, that Email Marketing has lost its charm when it comes to effective advertising. But do not underestimate the power that an email has.

Why choose email marketing?

It Works. It still Works. Yes, emails take your message directly to the inbox of your audience or customer. Your customers want to stay informed and direct email from you is the best piece of communication they get from the brand they love and trust. Your potential customers may get an offer or discount they would love and / or an information about the launch of new product or service that they are interested in via an email from you. Email Marketing gives you highest ROI out of all marketing methods available.

Challenges before SMEs and Large Enterprises

The biggest hassle for many SMEs and large Enterprises is to craft and email, send it to targeted customers and afterwards track the results of the email campaign. It is often a time consuming task and if not done carefully may backfire.

You cant afford that risk.

How wExcelle Can Help Manage Email Marketing?

This is where wExcelle provides a perfect solution for the problem! Our dedicated email marketers craft beautiful and informative emails for your business. We use industry standard Email Marketing tools to run the campaigns. We carefully track and prepare the report of the email campaigns we ran for you.

Just reach us to get detailed information about our services. Our experts are glad to assist you in every possible way in your email marketing campaigns.

Salient features of our Email Marketing Services

  • A dedicated Email Marketer for your campaign.
  • Use of industry standard web based tools to manage Email Campaigns.
  • Careful and detailed analysis of Reports of the Campaign.
  • Improvement in Email strategy based upon the outcome of the Campaign.
  • Best cost effective Email management service in the industry.
Reach us for a quote with your requirements and we would be delighted to assist you with any query you have. We are quick to respond and will definitely get back in touch with you within 6 to 12 hours post your contact.

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